Crawlspace Dehumidification Nashville

In a high humidity climate, additional dehumidification steps are often necessary to manage humidity levels in your crawlspace and prevent mold growth. 

Crawlspace Humidity Control

We don’t need to tell you that high humidity in your crawlspace is a recipe for problems. High humidity in combination with a high dew point leads to condensation, and that condensation fosters mold growth. But managing humidity in your crawlspace is possible.

The most reliable way to control the relative humidity in a crawlspace is to seal the crawlspace with a high-quality vapor barrier, seal the foundation vents and any other openings to the outside, then install a properly sized dehumidifier with a dehumidistat that maintains a relative humidity of around 50% Rh. We can help you find the solution that works best for your property.

Why You Need To Make Improvements To Your Nashville Crawl Space In 2023

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How Do You Reduce Humidity In a Crawlspace?

The first step towards reducing humidity in a crawlspace is to limit the amount of moisture entering the crawlspace. A high-quality vapor barrier is the first step, followed by sealing the crawlspace vents to create a conditioned space. A dehumidifier is installed in the crawlspace to maintain a constant relative humidity level in the space. Fans may also be necessary to help circulate the air to the dehumidifier.

An automatic condensate pump that pumps out the condensate so you don’t have to dump a bucket is a must. A remote sensor can allow you to monitor the temperature and relative humidity so you don’t have to crawl under your house to make sure everything is working properly. The upside is that it will work if it is properly sized. The downside is that it is a piece of equipment, much like your air conditioner, that will require a little maintenance. 

Do I need a crawlspace dehumidifier?

Should you open your foundation vents in the summer or winter? What would happen in the abandoned house in the example above if you opened the windows during the summer? Do you think that would improve the situation? Of course not! I guarantee you all the drywall in the ceilings upstairs would grow mold. 

So how is a crawlspace different? The truth is, it isn’t. What’s worse is that there are usually ducts in the humid crawlspace that sweat due to condensation. When that condensation evaporates it raises the humidity even more. The wood subfloor absorbs the water in the elevated humidity climate and the high dew point reaches the temperature of the wood and condenses directly on the wood. Both conditions create a wood moisture content level that supports mold growth.

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