Crawlspace Mold Nashville

It is not normal for mold to be growing in your crawlspace, and it’s usually a sign of water damage or moisture issues. Get a clean and healthy crawlspace.

What To Do When You Have Mold In Your Crawlspace

Generally mold likes to grow in dark wet places. Therefore, your crawlspace can easily become a breeding ground for mold spores such as Stachybotrys (toxic black mold).

Most crawlspace mold issues arise from several small issues that combine to form a major mold issue. Since mold thrives in wet areas, the key to controlling mold growth is in controlling the level of moisture in your crawlspace.

At Tier Restoration, we not only safely remove mold, but we also provide crawlspace cleanup and moisture control solutions to address the conditions that allowed for the mold to grow in the first place. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your crawlspace mold and moisture concerns, give us a call today.

Crawlspace mold growth in Nashville, Tennessee

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Why Does Mold Grow In A Crawlspace?

Crawlspace mold can develop from several different moisture issues inside the crawlspace including:

How Can Crawlspace Mold Be Prevented?

In most cases, the humidity level in your crawlspace can be controlled with proper Crawlspace encapsulation and/or crawlspace dehumidification. However, depending on the cause of the additional moisture, some situations may call for additional solutions such as a french drain system or a sump pump.

Here are some general tips to preventing mold growth in your crawlspace:

What Should I Do if I Have Crawlspace Mold?

If you have a musty smell coming from your crawlspace or if you suspect one or more of the above issues may be causing crawlspace mold, our team of experienced crawlspace experts can come out and assess the issues you may be having with crawlspace mold. In some instances, crawlspace cleanup can be covered under your home insurance policy. Tier Restoration uses industry-standard software for pricing and has an excellent process for making sure the insurance company covers everything it should.

For fast response, 24/7, certified professionals, specialized drying equipment, guaranteed and documented results from Tier Restoration, give us a call today!

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Derrick Miller

TOP notch folks. Called and got an immediate response. I called them in a hurry and they showed up the next morning to do a mold test. Very helpful and professional and I will use them again!!!

Rosaline Sweat

I had nothing but a wonderful experience with Tier. They were on time,very friendly and knew exactly what they were doing. I had a spot that I'd had for 4 year on my carpet and figured I would have to replace that carpet but they got it out after a couple of tries. I was truly amazed. Alex, the manager, I'd worked with before and I can't say enough good things about him. He's always there when you need him with a solution for whatever your problem is. He has a very positive attitude and is great to be around. All in all my experience was fantastic!

Josh Morris

I honestly believe you won't find a better company to work on your home than TIER. Alex has always given me more than fair estimates and exceeded all my expectations with the final product.

Most recently, TIER installed an interior french drain in my house. Alex came out to my house through all stages of the project. He even did a final walk through and decided that he was not satisfied yet and told me he would send his guys out to bring it to his standards. I can't stress how rare this is.

Until working with Alex and TIER, I had not found a company in Nashville that I trusted. They are the only company in Nashville I would feel comfortable recommending to a friend.

Melinda Hickey

Greg Lewis Tier Restoration is committed to doing the best work. The company's slogan, “Experience The Next Level” really describes Greg's work ethic as a professional in his field. He is a great resource for folks who need help with their homes. Greg and his team are folks to be trusted!

Monte Mohr

I've been selling homes for over 30 years and have owned rental properties for over 10 years. Tier Restoration is by far the best company of its kind I have ever used. As a real estate Broker selling hundreds of homes a year it is empowering to have a company as competent and professional as Greg Lewis and his crews. As a landlord I have personally used them twice in the past 12 months on major situations. The kind of challenges that would cause many to lose sleep over. In both cases Alex took my fear and concerns I was facing and extinguished them all by his consistent timely communication and professional awareness throughout the process to completion.
From simple duct cleaning to major foundation and crawl space repair and remediation there is only 1 company that I call. They are simply the best!

The Evans Family

The Tier group were amazing!! From the moment they walked in my front door, I knew we were going to be in good hands. The work was professionally done, and the communication was outstanding. Don't waste your time looking at other restoration companies, choose Tier and have that peace of mind that we had!!

Tracy Snow

Alex and his team are amazing to work with. Everyone is courteous, on time, and thorough in their work. Alex stops by to personally check on his crew and talk with the homeowner. I highly recommend Tier Restoration and will certainly use them again and again.