How to Remove Water Damage From Your Home in Nashville, TN

Water damage can take various forms. If floodwater or sewage gets into your home, don’t try to clean it up alone. Water from weather events or the sewer system may include harmful bacteria or toxins that endanger your health and safety. This type of contamination is known as black water.

However, if the water damage in your home is caused by a semi-clean source, such as a burst pipe, a faulty drain, or an overflowing appliance, it is usually safe to do DIY water damage restoration. Get to work as soon as possible to avoid mold growth! Here are the actions to follow if you have water damage in your home.

If any electrical equipment or wires are wet, turn off the circuit breaker to avoid electrocution.
Before commencing the cleanup process, take images of the damage and the location of origin for insurance purposes.
Remove soaked rugs, furniture, and other personal goods from the flooded area and place them on a drying rack. These materials may or may not be recoverable depending on how much water they have absorbed and how long they have been wet.
To minimize moisture absorption and carpet stains, place any furniture you don’t want to move on little wooden blocks.
To avoid damage, lift the curtains off the floor. To do so, wrap the fabric around a coat hanger and hang it from the curtain rod.
Using mops and towels, soak up as much water as possible. To eliminate surplus water, rent or purchase a wet-dry shop vac.
If the weather permits, open windows and doors to bring in fresh, dry air.
Install fans and dehumidifiers to help circulate air and aid in drying.
Purchase desiccant items, such as silica gel sachets, and distribute them throughout the area to aid with moisture absorption.
When in doubt, call a professional. Certain situations necessitate the use of professional water damage restoration services. In addition to avoiding DIY cleanup if there is black water involved, call a professional if the water has seeped into the subflooring or drywall, more than one room has been affected, or you fear the water has been sitting unnoticed for more than eight hours.
DKI is a water damage restoration firm that has been in business for nearly 50 years. We use innovative water extraction and structural drying procedures that are considerably superior than do-it-yourself water cleanup solutions. We employ thermal imaging equipment and moisture readers to ensure a job properly done once we finish drying your residence.

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