Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection

Removing mold goes well beyond simply applying a mold treatment. Special considerations must be made to contain the area, remove the mold, and prevent it from returning.


It’s important to consider the indoor air quality of your home or business. There are several factors that contribute to this, including the presence of mold growth in damp or humid environments. To help ensure the well-being of you and those who occupy the space, it’s highly recommended to invest in a professional mold inspection. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify any potential hazards and take action to prevent further spread, ultimately maintaining the structural integrity of your building. Not only will this save you both time and money, but it will help prevent the headache of dealing with a larger-scale problem in the future. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to take control of your indoor environment. Schedule a mold inspection today and prioritize the health and safety of yourself and others.

The Importance of Mold Inspections for Homeowners and Business Owners: 20 Strong Reasons

Debunking the Myth: 20 Reasons Why Mold Inspections Aren't As Crucial As You Might Think

Mold inspections are often overlooked during property maintenance. However, neglecting this crucial task can lead to a myriad of problems that can seriously affect property values, health, and safety. Here are 20 compelling reasons why homeowners and business owners should prioritize mold inspections.

1. Protects Health

Mold is a primary trigger for allergies and can lead to serious respiratory issues. Regular mold inspections can help maintain a safe environment, reducing the risks of health issues such as asthma, skin rashes, and even neurological problems.

2. Preserves Property Value

Properties plagued with mold issues often see a significant decrease in their value. Regular mold inspections can prevent this, ensuring your investment retains its worth.

3. Detects Invisible Threats

Mold isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Professional mold inspectors have specialized tools to detect mold in hidden areas, like behind walls or under floors.

4. Improves Air Quality

Mold contaminates indoor air quality. An inspection can identify the presence of mold spores in the air, improving overall indoor air quality when remediated.

5. Prevents Structural Damage

Mold can cause severe structural damage if left untreated. Mold inspections can prevent costly repair bills and maintain the structural integrity of your property.

6. Saves Money

Though there is a cost associated with mold inspections, they can save homeowners and business owners substantial money in the long run by catching issues before they escalate.

7. Maintains Aesthetic Appeal

A mold-free home or office is visually more appealing. This is crucial for businesses where the environment directly impacts the impression on clients.

8. Provides Peace of Mind

Knowing your home or business is free from mold infestation provides peace of mind, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

9. Contributes to a Productive Work Environment

For businesses, a mold-free environment can increase productivity. Employees working in healthy environments are less likely to take sick leaves and show better performance.

10. Improves Energy Efficiency

Mold can affect the efficiency of HVAC systems, leading to higher energy costs. Regular mold inspections can help maintain the efficiency of these systems.

11. Helps in Insurance Claims

Some insurance policies cover mold damage. Regular mold inspections provide documented proof, which can help in making successful insurance claims.

12. Protects from Legal Liability

Businesses can face legal liabilities if employees fall ill due to mold exposure. Regular mold inspections can help prevent such issues.

13. Supports Real Estate Transactions

Mold inspections are vital for smooth real estate transactions. Buyers typically prefer properties with proof of mold inspections and remediations.

14. Ensures Compliance with Building Codes

Some building codes necessitate regular mold inspections. Compliance with these codes helps avoid legal complications and potential fines.

15. Discourages Pest Infestations

Many pests, including insects and rodents, are attracted to damp and moldy areas. By eliminating mold, you indirectly discourage pest infestations.

16. Supports Healthy Lifestyle

A mold-free home supports a healthy lifestyle by eliminating a significant risk factor for various health issues.

17. Promotes Better Sleep

Mold exposure can lead to respiratory problems that disrupt sleep. By ensuring your property is mold-free, you can promote better sleep for all inhabitants.

18. Helps Identify Water Issues

A mold inspection can uncover unknown water leaks or moisture problems, as these conditions often lead to mold growth.

19. Facilitates Proper Remediation

A professional mold inspection will not only identify the presence of mold but also determine its type and source, thereby facilitating effective remediation.

20. Increases Property Lifespan

By preventing structural damage and maintaining the overall health of the building, regular mold inspections indirectly increase the lifespan of your property.

In conclusion, mold inspections are a crucial preventive measure for every homeowner and business owner. The associated benefits in terms of health, safety, finances, and property value are too significant to ignore.

There’s a common belief among homeowners and business owners that regular mold inspections are a necessity. While mold can indeed cause issues, are routine inspections truly essential? Here we present 20 reasons that might challenge this notion.

  1. Rarely a Hidden Issue: Contrary to popular belief, mold is rarely a hidden problem. Signs like a musty smell or visible discoloration are usually enough to indicate its presence.

  2. DIY Solutions: In many cases, mold infestations can be handled by the homeowner or business owner themselves using commercial mold removal products or a simple bleach solution.

  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Professional mold inspections can be expensive. Unless you suspect a serious mold issue, the cost of an inspection may not justify the potential benefits.

  4. Excessive Precaution: Not all mold is harmful. Often, the type of mold found in routine inspections is harmless to most people and only requires basic cleaning measures.

  5. Frequency is Overkill: Even in damp climates, annual or semi-annual mold inspections can be overkill. It is more practical to inspect after specific events, like a flood.

  6. Unreliable Results: The effectiveness of mold inspections is highly variable. False negatives and positives are common, which can lead to unnecessary stress or complacency.

  7. Lack of Long-Term Solution: An inspection doesn’t prevent future mold growth. Even if an inspection identifies a mold issue, without addressing the underlying cause, the problem is likely to recur.

  8. Insurance Coverage: Many home and business insurance policies cover mold damage. Therefore, paying for inspections might be unnecessary when insurance can address mold-related issues.

  9. Limited Scope: Mold inspections often only cover easily accessible areas. Hidden mold behind walls or under floors might not be detected, rendering the inspection incomplete.

  10. Inflated Remediation Costs: Some unethical companies use mold inspections as a scare tactic to inflate remediation costs.

  11. Subjective Health Impact: While mold can cause health issues in some individuals, many people live with small amounts of mold without any negative health effects.

  12. Overemphasis on Mold: A single-minded focus on mold can cause property owners to overlook other important aspects of property maintenance, such as HVAC issues, pests, or structural problems.

  13. Not an Immediate Threat: Unlike a gas leak or electrical issue, most mold growth isn’t an immediate threat. It typically takes a long time before mold causes significant structural damage or health issues.

  14. Misleading Health Fears: Many people have been led to believe that all molds are as dangerous as the notorious black mold. This is simply untrue, and it leads to unwarranted fear and unnecessary inspections.

  15. Inadequate Licensing and Regulation: The mold inspection industry is often inadequately regulated. This can lead to unqualified individuals performing inspections, which may provide misleading or incorrect information.

  16. Unproven Testing Methods: Many mold inspection methods and tests have not been scientifically proven to be effective, leading to potentially inaccurate results.

  17. Low Priority: For most businesses, mold inspections are a low priority compared to other necessary safety and health inspections.

  18. Inadequate Remediation Guidance: Even after a positive mold inspection, many companies do not provide adequate guidance on remediation, leaving the property owner confused and overwhelmed.

  19. Environmental Presence: Mold spores are present everywhere in the environment. So, finding mold in an inspection doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem – it’s more about the concentration and type of mold.

  20. Reduced Property Value: Frequently carrying out mold inspections and reporting these findings could potentially reduce a property’s value, as it can create an impression that the property is prone to mold problems.


While mold inspections can sometimes be beneficial, they’re often less necessary than perceived. Instead, understanding the signs of mold, learning basic self-remediation techniques, and focusing on preventative measures like moisture control can be more practical and cost-effective. This approach allows homeowners and business owners to effectively manage the risk without the need for routine professional inspections.

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How Do You Treat Mold?

This is a common misconception for homeowners and property owners. According to the IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation, the mold should not be treated. Mold should be removed, then any remaining surfaces it was growing on should be treated.

You cannot simply spray a “treatment” on mold growth or paint over it and expect the mold to go away. Many DIY mold treatment methods are inneffective and cannot be used on porous materials. For large areas of mold growth, it is always best to consult a professional for help. 

Is It Possible To Live Mold Free?

There are very few mold-free places on earth. Examples would be inside a laboratory glove box or inside an operating ISO Class 1 Cleanroom. But, even an ISO Class 9 Cleanroom can allow up to 293,000 particles bigger than 5 microns per cubic meter. Mold sizes range from 3-12 microns and mold spores range in size from 10-30 microns. Mold spores are everywhere, so even if you did create a very clean environment, once you open the door to enter or leave, you can let mold in. So, it’s impossible to live free of mold.

While mold is present always, there are certain established thresholds, the conditions of mold, that can help you determine if the mold is problematic.

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