The Best Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips Nashville

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Homeowners should always have property insurance to cover the costs of cleanup and property restoration after significant events like backed-up sewer lines that damage property.

It can get tricky dealing with your insurance company when filing a claim.

Homeowners must perform certain steps to get the insurance benefits owed.

To speed this confusing process along, property owners can follow these simple water damage insurance claim tips recommended by insurance experts and top water damage & restoration companies.

Call your insurance agent immediately upon discovering property damages.

All major insurance companies have emergency claim numbers if this occurs at night or on weekends. Your insurance claim could be rejected or delayed if the agency isn’t notified promptly as most insurance policies state.

If the damaged area is too dangerous or off-limits, the next best tip is to call when able.

Many homeowners with insurance coverage do not realize the specifics of their policies.

Most insurance companies require that the property owner take immediate action to halt further damage.

When a hot water tank bursts, the homeowner should assess the situation, remove the property from the water zone, seal off the water-damaged area, and begin cleanup efforts. Many insurance policies will refuse full claim reimbursement if the further property is damaged, which could have been prevented.

Some containment methods that should be taken are:

  • Pumping or baling out standing water
  • Removing property in the water zone
  • Boarding up and/or sealing broken doors and windows
  • Drying the affected area

Other important insurance claim tips include taking numerous photos of damages, providing an accurate written inventory list, and keeping track of temporary shelter/living costs.

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