Tips for Water Damage Repair Nashville

Tips for Water Damage Repair Nashville

While water is absolutely essential for life, this element can also cause severe water damages in some cases. This type of water damage that destroys property can be caused by many different factors. These include massive area storms, nearby flooding, burst water or sewer pipes and indoor water events like leaking pipes, toilets, washing machines or burst water heaters.

Tips for water damage repair in Nashville includes:

  • Shut off water & electrical supply
  • Assess for water and/or mold damage
  • Determine if water is clean, dirty or grossly contaminated
  • Quickly dry affected area
  • Get rid of damaged porous items
  • Clean area with disinfectant like bleach
  • Repair ceilings first
  • Replace/Install new wooden beams & flooring
  • Seal new wooden items
  • Repair or replace damaged drywall
  • Assess home exterior, & repair/replace damaged siding etc.
  • Install new carpeting, wall paneling and other structures

Never attempt to cleanup water if there are exposed electrical wires, appliances or other electrical hazards present. When in doubt, call in water damage repair specialists. Electricity can travel through water shocking anyone or anything in its path. This is dangerous and could be deadly.

Always determine what type of water is present. Clean water scenarios include burst water pipes, hot water tank burst, rainfall entering the house through cracks or broken windows and leaky faucets. Dirty water would include washing machine drainage, dishwasher runoff and perhaps a leaking toilet that is clean. Grossly contaminated water includes sewer back ups, clogged pipes with waste present and moldy water areas. Call in a professional water damage restoration company for contaminated water cleanups to avoid health risks.

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