What To Expect With Crawl Space Cleanup

Crawl Space Cleanup NashvilleWe know that your Nashville home’s crawl space is a place you try to avoid.

No one likes the dark and dingy crawl space, which is often why it gets neglected. At some point, your crawlspace will need a good cleaning (let’s be honest, it probably needs it right now).

Failing to clean your crawl space could negatively affect the overall health of your home.

Excess moisture in the crawl space could lead to mold growth, wood rot, and damage to your home’s insulation (to name a few). 

However, cleaning your crawl space is more than just wiping down surfaces.

Some things that should be addressed when you clean your crawl space are; pest removal, finding and resolving standing water or other moisture issues, replacing old insulation, ensuring adequate venting, and sealing air leaks.

Does this seem like a little more than you signed up for? That’s where we come in.

When you call Tier Restoration for crawl space cleanup, here are the things you can expect to be taken care of:

Crawl Space Cleanup in Nashville

  1. Removal of debris: Any good cleaning starts with removing debris, and your crawl space is no different.
  2. Any trash that has found its way under your home must be removed, whether it be old insulation, cardboard boxes, damaged vapor barriers, or even broken pipes.
  3. Once these things have been removed, new materials can be brought in, repairs can be made, and actual cleaning can begin.
  4. Mold remediation: Since ground moisture is a big problem for crawl spaces, mold growth is also commonly found there. Mold and other fungus growths must be addressed and resolved quickly before threatening air quality throughout the home.
  5. If there is debris in the crawl space, like cardboard or old wood, mold, and fungus will use them as food sources, and rot can lead to further microbial growth.
  6. Pipe repair: broken or leaky pipes are common, especially in crawl spaces. Water damage compounds over time, so when not resolved quickly, damages will only worsen. During crawl space cleaning, the professionals at Tier Restoration will inspect your pipes, address any water leaks, remove old or damaged pipes, and make any necessary repairs to get your crawl space clean and dry.
  7. Water leaks and pooling water: Keeping your crawl space dry and sealed off from water is significant for the overall health of your home. Whether it’s ground level water, leaky pipes, or problems with the venting, infrared imaging can be used to detect moisture, find problem areas, and get them addressed and sealed up.
  8. Vacuum cleaning: Special vacuums are used to remove dust and other particles that could get stirred up in the air and contaminate the rest of the home.
  9. Vapor barrier installation and waterproofing measures: Once everything has been cleaned up and cleared out, a vapor barrier will be installed to keep moisture levels under control and seal the floors and walls. Your sump pump will also be inspected to ensure it is working properly to keep water from flooding into the basement.

Be sure to contact the experts at Tier Restoration for all your crawl space cleanup needs.